Awedience is a strategic planning and execution platform for social media.


The process of growing an engaged community is cyclical. Awedience enables you to Analyse and Strengthen your existing network, Discover new opportunities and communities and then Engage with them efficiently.


Brands cannot hope to cut through the background noise of social media without first understanding the structure and content of their existing audience.


A stronger network means greater communication efficiency for your messages. Awedience maps your network and identifies actionable improvements.


In order to grow your own network it is important to identify new communities and key individuals within them. Awedience provides a strategic road-map of who to target, with what type of content and when.


Blindly broadcast messages have an extremely low probability of reaching people outside of your network. Awedience uses insights to efficiently target and engage new individuals and communities


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Network Communities
  Content marketing and network analysis: Why you need both

2013 was been described as the year of content marketing. In fact Exact Target described it as a concept that has hit the main stream. Yet at Awedience we believe it does set the cart before the horse. The problems with content marketing Too often there is an assumption that, with a few tweaks to
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4 months ago
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  Big Trends for 2014

I wanted to share with you one of the regular emails I get from Chris Brogan. This one really peaked my interest as all 3 of his Big Trends for 2014 align with what we’re doing here at Awedience. Our influencer marketing platform is evolving into something, we think, very special and new. This is
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3 months ago
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Putney Social Media Insights
  Insights into local social media in Putney SW15

We wanted to share some work that we did for Daniel Doherty for this Putney Social Twitter account. Using Awedience we helped him identify who were the real influencers in his very tightly-knit community.

5 months ago
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New York Network Fragment
  Mapping Who to Connect with at Strata Conference, London

Awedience is very excited to have been selected as a Startup Showcase finalist at this year’s Strata Conference in London on Monday. We’ll be demoing our platform at 2 sessions during the day (2:45pm and 6pm) but I thought it’d be nice to show you all something interesting prior to that. In this post I’m
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6 months ago
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  Perks without Need won’t get you Advocates

A couple of days ago I received a perk from a well known drinks company. A free, branded glass will be winging its way to me (now they know my address!) and I’ve been entered into a draw to win a flight on a private jet. Ok, so that’s pretty cool. Who wouldn’t pass up
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Chris Arnold

CTO & Founder

Chris is a technology entrepreneur, lean startup fanatic and full-stack engineer. He brings 20 years of software craftmenship combined with business know-how gained whilst serving as executive director for a Financial Services software company.
Chris is passionate about building remarkable products and coffee.

Jo Vertigan

Strategy Director

Jo has been working in the digital space since 2001, initially with companies such as Sony, Amazon, Lovefilm and Photobox and latterly as a digital strategy consultant to a wide range of blue chip companies. In 2009 he was asked to design and execute the digital strategy of England 2018 where he developed a global supporter base of 2.5m people from 186 countries.

Stephen O'Brien


Stephen is Global Director, Integrated Digital Marketing at Blackberry. Previously MD of Generator Consulting he was a Founder and Board Member of Digital Agency DC Interact (bought in 2007 by Engine). He ran the Global Customer Management Practice at Amdocs and was Global Head of CRM Consulting at MSI/Marconi.

Moez Draief


Moez is a faculty member in the Intelligent Systems and Networks group in the EEE department at Imperial College London which he joined in 2007. He has broad research interests covering diverse topics in the mathematical and algorithmic modelling of networks with a particular focus on online social networks and social media.

Prior to joining Imperial, Moez was a research fellow and lecturer at Cambridge University.


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