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3 months ago
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Structural Analysis
  Structural and Behavioural Analysis of #CameronMustGo

The Awedience data team were mulling over some ideas this morning whilst drawing the perfect espresso. Time for a quick check on Twitter’s current trending topics. Whilst Awedience in no way espouses any political affiliation, a hashtag did pique our interest from a data discovery perspective. So, like the Eye of Sauron we decided to
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6 months ago
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  Why Corporate Social Media needs to Mature to Survive

According to the State of Corporate Social Media 2014, budgets are down, teams are shrinking and 50% of C-suites are unconvinced by social media. We know that our customers exist, converse and often spend within social media, so why this stagnation? Because executives cannot prove they’re making progress if they can’t track impact accurately. And
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7 months ago
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The Championships Wimbledon logo
  Did Brands Actually Manage to Engage during Wimbledon 2014?

Twitter Ads UK tweeted this message this morning. It links to a blog post about how brands tweeted during this year’s Wimbledon. How brands tweeted as Wimbledon played out — Twitter Ads UK (@TwitterAdsUK) July 9, 2014 On the face of it, it quotes some very impressive statistics. Some messages were retweeted thousands
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9 months ago
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Accidental Influence
  Filtering out Accidental Influence

I want to share with you some work that Awedience recently delivered for a client. The brief was to find influential clinicians in a very specific field via Twitter. The resultant people could then be interviewed by a pharmaceutical company regarding a new product. We were given a number of topical keywords and phrases with
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12 months ago
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Network Communities
  Content marketing and network analysis: Why you need both

2013 was been described as the year of content marketing. In fact Exact Target described it as a concept that has hit the main stream. Yet at Awedience we believe it does set the cart before the horse. The problems with content marketing Too often there is an assumption that, with a few tweaks to
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1 year ago
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