Social Business Intelligence


Social Media is a mass of data – conversations, links,
groups, friends, interests – and buried in this data are invaluable insights for business.
Awedience mines Twitter for subjects, campaigns, accounts – mapping out individual groups
and communities and subject based conversations, then identifies who drives, leads and influences each one.


Products, brands, ideas, campaigns - Awedience mines Twitter data to extract accounts, conversations, groups that we need for analysis and insight


Awedience takes an unstructured mass of social data and creates structure, identifying tightly connected communities that converse and share around subjects


And within each of these mined communities, we identify subjects, themes, who follows and who leads, who shares, all in the context of THIS community

Actionable Insight

Build and strengthen Twitter followings, tailor content and target prospects, find new prospect groups, understand the voice of the customer


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21 hours ago
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  Joint statement from Awedience Ltd and Audiense

The following statement has been jointly issued:   Following recent discussions between the two companies, Social Intelligence company Awedience Ltd has successfully concluded a sale of specified assets to the consumer insights company Audiense. “This is an excellent agreement for both companies. Audiense has been growing it’s customer base around the world and we are
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1 year ago
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  Do Candidates Risk Alienation if they Engage their Constituents in Conversation?

You would think that politicians would improve their personal appeal if they engaged in conversation with their constituents. But, is this actually the case? We recently did some deep analysis of data we hold on the UK General Election 2015. We found that there is a negative correlation between candidates’ predicated share of vote and
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1 year ago
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  Correlating Election Polling Data with Twitter Performance

In the run-up to the launch of our new platform, we thought it would be interesting to create an Election-specific version. We’ve been collecting and analysing data from a number of sources and the results have been fascinating. In this post I’m going to address “Is there data on Twitter that correlates with current polling
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1 year ago
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leaders debate set
  Awedience Leaders’ Debate Analysis

Awedience recently published an election-specific version of its new soon-to-be-released analysis platform We’ve gathered data on all the candidates for the 2015 UK General Election and done some great deep-dive analysis on those with Twitter accounts. All you need is a postcode to drill into all the candidates for that constituency. However, in order
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2 years ago
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Structural Analysis
  Structural and Behavioural Analysis of #CameronMustGo

The Awedience data team were mulling over some ideas this morning whilst drawing the perfect espresso. Time for a quick check on Twitter’s current trending topics. Whilst Awedience in no way espouses any political affiliation, a hashtag did pique our interest from a data discovery perspective. So, like the Eye of Sauron we decided to
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2 years ago
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  Why Corporate Social Media needs to Mature to Survive

According to the State of Corporate Social Media 2014, budgets are down, teams are shrinking and 50% of C-suites are unconvinced by social media. We know that our customers exist, converse and often spend within social media, so why this stagnation? Because executives cannot prove they’re making progress if they can’t track impact accurately. And
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