Social Business Intelligence


Social Media is a mass of data – conversations, links,
groups, friends, interests – and buried in this data are invaluable insights for business.
Awedience mines Twitter for subjects, campaigns, accounts – mapping out individual groups
and communities and subject based conversations, then identifies who drives, leads and influences each one.


Products, brands, ideas, campaigns - Awedience mines Twitter data to extract accounts, conversations, groups that we need for analysis and insight


Awedience takes an unstructured mass of social data and creates structure, identifying tightly connected communities that converse and share around subjects


And within each of these mined communities, we identify subjects, themes, who follows and who leads, who shares, all in the context of THIS community

Actionable Insight

Build and strengthen Twitter followings, tailor content and target prospects, find new prospect groups, understand the voice of the customer


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2 years ago
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The Championships Wimbledon logo
  Did Brands Actually Manage to Engage during Wimbledon 2014?

Twitter Ads UK tweeted this message this morning. It links to a blog post about how brands tweeted during this year’s Wimbledon. How brands tweeted as Wimbledon played out — Twitter Ads UK (@TwitterAdsUK) July 9, 2014 On the face of it, it quotes some very impressive statistics. Some messages were retweeted thousands
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3 years ago
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Accidental Influence
  Filtering out Accidental Influence

I want to share with you some work that Awedience recently delivered for a client. The brief was to find influential clinicians in a very specific field via Twitter. The resultant people could then be interviewed by a pharmaceutical company regarding a new product. We were given a number of topical keywords and phrases with
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3 years ago
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Network Communities
  Content marketing and network analysis: Why you need both

2013 was been described as the year of content marketing. In fact Exact Target described it as a concept that has hit the main stream. Yet at Awedience we believe it does set the cart before the horse. The problems with content marketing Too often there is an assumption that, with a few tweaks to
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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  Big Trends for 2014

I wanted to share with you one of the regular emails I get from Chris Brogan. This one really peaked my interest as all 3 of his Big Trends for 2014 align with what we’re doing here at Awedience. Our influencer marketing platform is evolving into something, we think, very special and new. This is
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3 years ago
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Putney Social Media Insights
  Insights into local social media in Putney SW15

We wanted to share some work that we did for Daniel Doherty for this Putney Social Twitter account. Using Awedience we helped him identify who were the real influencers in his very tightly-knit community.